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Shugoll Research would like to wish you good health, both personally and professionally, during this difficult time. With an emphasis on the need for social distancing in response to COVID-19, Shugoll Research recommends that in-person qualitative research not be conducted at the moment.

However, we recognize that business needs to continue and that conducting qualitative research is vital to many of our valued clients. Shugoll Research's online platform, Shugoll Limelight, is an ideal solution, where virtual methodologies are used to conduct highly effective qualitative research.

In further response to COVID-19, our staff is now working remotely when feasible, but we continue to be fully operational and our team is ready and available to meet all of your qualitative and quantitative research needs.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@shugollresearch.com.

Best regards,
Mark Shugoll


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Shugoll Research is uniquely qualified to help associations and not-for-profit organizations optimize their business decisions to address challenges and make the most of opportunities. We have helped numerous trade, consumer and professional associations identify ways to grow membership and boost satisfaction and involvement among existing members.

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