MARCH 2013

On the Record is Shugoll Research's regular examination of market research in Washington, DC and around the country. In this edition, we are celebrating the launch of our new website. Visit us online for more news and information.
Cara Shugoll, Research Director at Shugoll Research and the first of the third generation to join Shugoll Research's project management team, has spent the last year spearheading the redesign of our company's website. Leveraging lessons learned from conducting website usability research for countless clients, Cara worked closely with a design firm to ensure that our new site will successfully serve the needs of both clients and respondents. By making the content more accessible and targeted towards specific end users, updating the design to reflect a more contemporary style consistent with our corporate brand image and incorporating the latest in website technology, we feel we have been able to significantly improve the site and visitor's experience.

A New Look

Believe it or not there really is some good news coming from the nation's capital. Shugoll Research is excited to announce the launch of its brand new website. The site is designed to help you find the information you're looking for more quickly and easily. Some of the website’s features include:

Website Usability Research in Action

Years ago, your receptionist was probably the first introduction people had to your company. In today's digital world, however, your corporate website may very well be their first introduction to your organization. In fact, your website plays a major role in how your brand is perceived in the marketplace. So don't be afraid to test reactions to your website's design and functionality to ensure its success.

Over the years, Shugoll Research has developed an expertise in conducting website usability testing using state of the art software and in-depth interviewing skills for many of its clients. Our experience in this area of marketing research has greatly benefited us during the redesign of our own website. In other words, we have had the opportunity to practice what we preach. As a result, we are confident that you will be as pleased with our new website as we are. Additional comments are most welcome!
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