On the Record is Shugoll Research's regular examination of market research in Washington, DC and around the country. In this edition, we are focusing on technology in market research and we are excited to introduce Shugoll's own, in-house streaming service to our clients. Visit us online for more news and information.
Rick Seale Decodes The Future of Online Recruiting

Rick Seale, Executive Vice President Shugoll Research

Rick Seale, Executive Vice President of Shugoll Research, knows technology can be utilized in numerous ways to enhance the qualitative recruiting process. Technology can allow recruiters to reach more respondents and find the right respondents in innovative ways. Rick oversees all of Shugoll Research's recruiting methodologies. He ensures that the recruiters strive to combine traditional recruiting methods with the most modern techniques to provide clients with timely updates describing qualified, articulate respondents.

By using email blasts and short online surveys, recruiters can reach thousands of consumers in a short time frame. For many studies, qualifying incidence rates are running lower than 10%, and utilizing online tools can help efficiently find pre-qualified individuals for further screening by telephone. Reaching out to respondents digitally allows them to self-screen at their own pace, on their own time, allowing us to reach respondents who may be difficult to reach by telephone during working hours. Respondents are always rescreened by telephone on key criteria and for articulation to ensure that they are capable of providing valuable feedback during a qualitative session.
The Furthest Reach, Right From Your Office

One of the most exciting aspects of Shugoll Research's fifty plus years of experience is always being on the cutting edge of adopting new technologies to provide the best service for our clients. We are excited to present our proprietary video streaming service. We've mastered the art of live streaming focus groups, and we are proud to offer the highest quality media experience available for clients. Our services are flexible, and our experienced project management team and facility staff can accommodate everything from projects with videographers to an emergency streaming session. Live group recordings are also presented with interactive, secure chat rooms for real time client interactions. Our system allows for colleagues to discuss the research as it is streamed directly to their computers, regardless if two members of your team are in different rooms in the same office building or on two different continents.

Our live streaming services allow team members to view focus groups taking place in real time from multiple locations, therefore using their time more effectively. Business travel affects your bottom line. Streaming services frees observers who might not have the time to view an entire day of research by granting them access to the groups that are most important to them. Key stakeholders can listen in on the markets where they can gain the most insight. With the ability to listen anywhere, research can even be conducted in multiple markets simultaneously. Now, like never before, streaming technology can bring research directly into the client's home offices. Our technology can bring your team together, regardless of where they are in the world.

Take A Virtual Tour of Shugoll Facilities

Shugoll Research is proud to operate two facilities in the DC metro area, one in Bethesda, Maryland and one located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Both facilities offer our state of the art streaming service as well as beautiful client lounges and backrooms for those who can attend the focus groups. Want to familiarize yourself with our facilities or pick out exactly which of our eight focus group suites best suits your needs? Watch our facilities overview presentation here!

Conference Connection

Fall is here, and that means conference season is beginning. Shugoll Research is excited to be attending and exhibiting at several conferences in October. We look forward to connecting with you at:
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