Thank you for reading On the Record. In this edition we explore how Millennials and mobile technology impact marketing research strategy.

March 2016

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Introducing Art Cobb

We are pleased to announce that Art Cobb is our new Facility Manager in our Alexandria, VA, location. Many of you may know Art, as he has been the leading provider of videography services to the DC market research community for over 25 years. Art’s technical knowledge and audio-visual expertise are unsurpassed. Most importantly, his commitment to customer satisfaction and providing the best research experience possible makes him the perfect fit for the Shugoll Research team. Art is looking forward to working with you the next time you visit us in Alexandria.


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The Perfect Couple:  Millennials and Mobile

WHO are Millennials?

WHAT does this mean for your marketing research strategy?

Website and mobile app usability testing should be a top research priority in 2016.

Shugoll Research has extensive experience conducting studies to aid in the development of website and mobile app content and branding strategy. In addition, we are experts at evaluating websites, website redesigns, mobile apps and other web-based applications, products and services to assess their functionality.

To do this, we use our own, proprietary usability platform, Site Intelligence Tester:

  1. One-on-one, in-person interviews with the target audience lasting 45-60 minutes are conducted.
  2. Respondents complete a series of “tasks” to evaluate overall usability/functionality.
  3. Our professional moderators then probe respondents to better understand their positive and negative experiences with using and navigating the site or app.
  4. Our software enables usage/navigation metrics to be recorded and tracked across respondents and reported graphically to analyze how effectively and efficiently the website or app is being used.
  5. In addition, the software allows for high definition video recordings of the respondent navigating the website or app, as well as his/her comments and facial expressions during the interview. The platform is supported wirelessly, without the requirement of intrusive table cameras and cables.

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Conference Connection

Shugoll Research exhibited at the 2016 Quirks Event in New York City last month. We always enjoy this great event and the opportunity to both learn and share with our colleagues and clients. At our booth in the Expo we showcased our state-of-the-art focus group facilities , and top-notch recruiting capabilities in the DC metro area. Our CEO, Mark Shugoll, was personally on-hand to discuss our full-service qualitative and quantitative research division. To showcase our award-winning work and commitment to arts research, we gave away two tickets to Hamilton, the hottest show on Broadway. The event was a huge success! And we’re very excited about our next opportunity to exhibit at the PMRG conference May 1st – 3rd at the Gaylord in National Harbor, Maryland.
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