October 2014

Shugoll Research On the Record
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Mark Shugoll CEO Shugoll Research

Our CEO, Mark Shugoll was recently named one of Survey Magazine's 20 Researchers You Need to Know. Survey Magazine highlights Dr. Shugoll's lifetime of research excellence and expertise in research design. He is also responsible for Shugoll's proprietary price testing tool, the Power Pricing Index. He founded Shugoll's nationally known Arts Division and developed its Sponsorship Index Metrics which measures the return on arts and sports sponsorships. Shugoll's Arts Division also produces the widely quoted Triennial Survey of Arts Giving in America. Read his complete profile in the September 2014 edition of Survey Magazine.

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Trying Before Buying!

Astute marketers can add an important dimension to focus groups. Focus groups can be augmented with in-home trials to improve new products. And, existing products can be repositioned to stimulate increased use. This "two-in-one" design has been successfully used for myriad products and over-the-counter drugs to software and online products.

If consumers are allowed to try new or existing products in their own home, they can then discuss their real-life product use in follow-up focus groups- and provide unique insights to manufacturers and marketers. Sometimes, consumers are asked to test more than one version of a manufacturer's product- or even a competitive product along with the one being tested.

After product use, study participants record their experiences in a diary and bring it to the focus group for discussion. Discussions range from their experiences with the products, their attitudes about the products as well as the general product category, and their ideas for product improvement. Packaging, instructions for use, and even names are all fair game for the focus group discussions.

More News from Shugoll

Dialed In Affiliate Facility

In our April 2014 edition of On the Record we announced that our Bethesda, Maryland and Alexandria, Virginia facilities were now the Washington, DC flagship facilities of the newly created Dialsmith "Dialed In" program. This month Dialsmith interviewed Shugoll Research's Angela Lorinchak about the qualities that make our facilities uniquely suited for dial test research. The interview in their Dial.Log covers Shugoll's special qualities from our location near the nation's capital to our 72 person super room. Find out more about Shugoll's fantastic dial test facilities and research capabilities here.

Fall winds blew several Shugoll Research staff off to conferences around the country. President Merrill Shugoll recently attended the Corporate Researchers Conference in Chicago. Meanwhile, Research Director Cara Shugoll traveled to New Orleans for the QRCA Annual Conference. For the latest Shugoll Research news visit us online.
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