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May 2012

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On the Record is Shugoll Research's regular examination of market research in Washington, DC and around the country. In this special edition we explore what our peers are saying about Shugoll Research and our growing organization.

Mark and Merrill Shugoll Interviewed in Alert!

The Shugoll name has been synonymous with quality marketing research for over 50 years. Clients and business partners alike often ask how we got our start in the profession, and they especially want to know our recipe for running a successful, multi-generation family-owned business. Open the link below to find out something new about Shugoll Research and its fearless leaders, Merrill and Mark Shugoll. After all, aren't you just a tad bit curious how anyone can work alongside their mother, their spouse and their daughter and still enjoy their work as well as their Thanksgiving dinner??

The Dynamic Duo: Merrill and Mark Shugoll by Amy Shields, PRC

Reprinted with permission from Marketing Research Association, 1156 15th Street NW, Suite 302, Washington, DC 20005, ©2012, MRA, 202.800.2545, www.marketingresearch.org
Mark and Merrill Shugoll

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