Washington DC Panoramic View

November 2012

During a political season, momentum means everything. Politicians know controlling conversations in online outlets can be the key to building up that momentum. In fact, information presented online is so valuable politicians are expected this election season to spend 12% of their funds on digital media. Therefore, whether or not we are talking about political issues or products, candidates and consumers alike can turn the tide with a well placed line or comment.

Weaving a Social Story

Buried in a sea of tweets and posts, consumers are talking about the brands and issues they care about. Nielsen's recent agreement with Twitter to host surveys on the social media site highlights the need for a skilled set of researchers to glean additional information. Researchers who evaluate data from social media as the conversations are happening are getting the big picture and ultimately benefiting.

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On the Record is Shugoll Research's regular examination of market research in Washington, DC and around the country. In this edition we celebrate the swirl of activity brought to our area by politicians and their campaigns. To see how our region continues to grow visit us online.

DC area residents swing opinions in more than the coming elections

It's fall during a critical presidential election and residents of DC, Maryland and Virginia are preparing to head to the polls. Now is the time to visit this region and truly observe the pulse of the nation. The region is abound with thought leaders and policy makers, but it is our everyday citizenry, especially those in Northern Virginia (home of two of our facilities), who has the power to affect the outcome of the 2012 election. In 2008, this suburb of DC ultimately swung the state of Virginia to elect its first Democratic president since 1964. And this election season Northern Virginia has been the center of research with independent voters.

The DC metro area has qualities that make it more than just a valuable intersection of political beliefs. The area has maintained comparatively low unemployment rates since the beginning of the recession, and also offers a healthy, growing and increasingly multi-cultural, multi-generational population. In Northern Virginia, Loudoun County alone has doubled its population and Prince William County has increased its population by 49 percent since 2000. DC itself has seen a surge of young adults and boasts a median age of 34.

Plus the DC Area Has Policy Experts Galore!

Once election season is over for you, Washington DC continues to deal in politics and policy. It's not just those elected to the legislature or the executive branch that influence decision making. This is an area filled with aides, appointees, academics and government agency decision makers and the contractors that service them. In addition, over 1,000 international firms representing more than 50 countries are located in the region.

Together, their impact on the global economy is significant. Therefore, when you need to speak to policy influencers there is no better market. In fact, according to the Greater Washington Initiative, our area is the home of "the highest per capita government research and development spending in the world."
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