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July 2012

Finding the right local medical experts can be critical.

MarketResearchWorld.net reports that while pharmaceutical companies are focusing promotional spending on healthcare providers, physicians are increasingly turning to online and mobile sources for information. Now with fewer restrictions, there are more opportunities to connect in person with these valuable healthcare professionals. Shugoll Research can connect you quickly with thousands of doctors in the greater Washington, DC Metro area.

Why Shugoll for Healthcare Research?

Quantity- The DC metro area has one of the highest percentages of physicians per capita in the country.

Quality- Our Bethesda, Maryland facility offers easy access to three major university medical centers.

Diversity- All of our facilities can reach Virginia, Maryland and DC physicians and nurses in private practice and in over 20 major hospitals.

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On the Record is Shugoll Research's regular examination of market research in Washington, DC and around the country. In this edition we are looking at recent changes for those conducting medical market research here in the DC metro area. Visit us online for more news and information.

Important Victory in Pharma Research Regulations
After extensive lobbying efforts, Shugoll Research and the market research industry group CASRO have succeeded in broadly exempting market research from Washington, DC's reporting requirements.

Initially added in the rules and regulations by the DC Board of Pharmacy to the DC AccessRx Act of 2004, the regulations required companies to report all marketing expenditures, including market research gifts and payments to physicians licensed in the District of Columbia. The new regulations published in January 2012 exempt payments to healthcare practitioners if:

  1. The research is conducted by an independent organization

  2. Pharmaceutical companies sponsoring the research do not know participants' identities

  3. The participant's payment is determined and made directly by the independent market research organization
Find quality medical professionals
The exception is expected to provide more opportunities to access doctors in the nation's capital for market research. The change comes as other states including Maine, Vermont and Colorado adjust their laws to grant independent research organizations more freedom in the pharmaceutical market.

More News From Shugoll Research
Last month, On the Record featured an interview with CEO Mark Shugoll and President Merrill Shugoll, first published in Alert! Magazine. Our founding family has been busy spreading the word about the power of market research. A recent interview with Merrill Shugoll and Georgetown University's Center for Social Impact discusses the future of childhood obesity among other topics. Follow our newsletters and visit our website for more Shugoll news.

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