Top 5 Tips for CMOs in 2018

February 7, 2018

If you scour the content available in trade publications, review information coming out of CES 2018, listen to consultants and in-house talent; there are countless opinions on what is most important for CMOs in 2018. Just a few include: content, video, data, engagement, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, omni-channel experiences, and blockchain. Given all this information, where to focus resources—human and financial—is going to be the key to success in 2018.

Here’s a list of a few areas we suggest focusing on as you lead your company’s marketing efforts in 2018 to help increase your chances of campaign success:

Put Data to Work

Data collection and analysis should be the focus for every marketing strategy in 2018—before, during, and after any campaign is launched. In a recent Forbes magazine article, International Business Coach & Consultant Rosen Minchev recommended CMOs in 2018 consider spending the same amount on data that is allocated to advertising. Otherwise you are executing a campaign without critical data and are not able to effectively evaluate the results once completed. Yes, it’s that important.

Takeaway Tip: Data will continue to grow in importance with the ever-increasing emphasis on market segmentation. Make sure it is a significant part of your marketing strategy.

Create Great (and Relevant) Content

Consumers spend up to five hours per day on their mobile devices perusing online content. Why? Simple—it’s to consume content from the myriad of sources available through smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Being a part of that content is essential. Relevancy of the content shared is critical though—not just sharing content. How will CMOs know what’s relevant to their audience? See “Put Data to Work” above.

Takeaway Tip: Content used to be king. Now relevant content is king.

Strengthen your Relationship with your CTO

As advertising and marketing technology have continued to be adopted on a wider scale in the last few years, expanding knowledge beyond traditional marketing is an essential skill for CMOs. Tech fluency is important so that a CMO can have a more detailed understanding of technology, data and analytics, which will, in turn, aid in improving brand amplification and audience reach.

Takeaway Tip: Working closely with the CTO, CMOs can develop a list of the most important technologies to understand more deeply—and build an increasing knowledge base over time.

Get on Board With Video (if you haven’t already)

If you ignored the prediction that video was going to make a significant impact in the digital space a few years ago, it’s not too late to join in. And, as video has continued to gain in importance with each passing year, it’s best to implement it into your marketing strategy as soon as possible.

What does video mean in the digital marketing space in 2018? It includes live video, virtual reality video, 360 videos, and video funnels.

Takeaway Tip: While just sharing video was a top tip for 2016, now what type of video and which platform is a key to video marketing success.

Change your Rules of Engagement

Particularly with social media, success lies not with simply sharing content, but rather engaging a community. Make selling (or whatever your conversion goal is) a secondary goal, and focus instead on interacting with your online audience. Share content of interest and your corporate story in unique ways. Make sure your social media team responds to comments, interacts through sharing/retweets, and significantly increases engagement with your brand overall.

Takeaway Tip: If your campaign is executed properly, you will achieve the ultimate return on investment, which is increased engagement with your brand, brand amplification, client retention and conversion rate optimization.

At Shugoll Research we offer strategic consulting to help CMOs make better business decisions. Visit our website to learn more about the wide range of industry sectors that we work in. If you have questions on how best to execute on these tips for a successful year, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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