The Latest Addition to C-Suite: Chief Growth Officer

February 26, 2018

For years, we have been reading about the roles of and challenges faced by members of the C-Suite, traditionally comprised of titles such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Over the past couple of years, we have seen the emergence of a new member of the C-Suite - the Chief Growth Officer (CGO). The main role of a CGO is to focus on the customer’s needs in order to achieve growth and success. In most cases, the CGO reports directly to the CEO and is in charge of aligning an organization’s targeted growth with customer’s needs, buyer behavior, and external market dynamics. The first part of this equation is also known as the “customer experience.”

The New Customer Experience

Driven by new technology and data-influenced decision-making, what companies are currently focusing on is the idea of customer experience. Every company is in the business of providing a positive customer experience – from online giant Amazon to local business providers. How well that experience is received is of upmost importance.

A well thought-out customer experience should be authentic, deliberate, and consistent. A recent Forrester study stresses that CIOs and CMOs must work together to use technology to improve their customers’ experiences.

In some organizations, this role is being taken over by a new face - Chief Growth Officer.

The Role of Chief Growth Officer

According to a recent article in AdWeek, companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Hershey’s, Kellogg, and Coca-Cola are replacing their CMOs by “folding brand marketing, customer experience, and strategy into a CGO role.” Gone are the days of the CMO overseeing the development and execution of an organization’s marketing strategy. Today, the CGO is tasked with working in an ever-changing environment in which customers’ whims and desires influence the success of a product or service and, indeed, an organization.

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