Keys to Success in the Digital Marketing Age

May 07, 2018

Keys to Success in the Digital Marketing Age

The digital marketing landscape is more complex and more diverse than it has ever been. With so many channels to cover, and each of these channels constantly evolving, knowing what to do in order to achieve success is key. Here are a few of the foremost elements you need to be putting into place to give your business the best chance for success.

Targeted Marketing

In this data-driven era, knowing your customer is easier than ever before. However, many companies are still using a disjointed approach to their marketing and their marketing tools. Getting that comprehensive view is still a challenge, but one that must be overcome in order to get your marketing right. The three key elements of this are:

  • Multichannel Activity
  • Behavioral Information
  • Demographics

Use Emails Effectively

Email is not dead. The purpose and power of email communications in marketing has evolved, and marketers need to make sure they are using email as a tool for engagement rather than solely for promotions.

Retention Marketing Matters

It goes without saying that if you have already put the time and effort into building a relationship with someone, it is easier and more profitable to sell to them. It costs far more to acquire a new client than to retain one you already have.

Craft your Message with Care

Take your time to think through every message you send out. Whatever form of communication you are working on, be it a blog, email or social media update; every word counts so use your words with care and be convincing.

The Pareto Principal

That age-old rule that eighty percent of the effects come from just twenty percent of the causes is absolutely true. Whatever you are working on, you need to spend eighty percent of your time demonstrating value to your audience to ensure they stay engaged and value the content and relationship you have.

Embrace New Channels

Ignorance is not bliss where new marketing channels are concerned. Taking advantage of multiple channels will make you more profitable. Evolution and the adoption of new channels to connect with your audience is key.

Plan your Content

Make sure your content is aligned with your key business objectives and plan your content at least one month in advance. Don't just write content, be strategic about your content writing.

The future is bright and filled with opportunity. In order to succeed, you need to make sure your customers are getting meaningful experiences that align with their interests and tap into their emotions. Digital marketing is all about delivering an exceptional experience, at the right time and at the right place.

If you are interested in conducting market research before launching a campaign or evaluating your effectiveness, please contact us to learn more.

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