Usability Research

One-on-one or in-depth interviews are most effective for testing the usability of web-based applications and sites. They allow respondents to navigate through and discuss their reactions to the site at their own speed based on their individual skill level and required needs. The interviews usually last between 30 and 60 minutes depending on study objectives.

Shugoll Research's HD Usability System provides brilliant high definition presentation media. Full resolution screen activity, multiple discreet video feeds, time code, and metadata are integrated into a precisely synchronized and non-proprietary (mp4) deliverable. PC, Mac, iPad, and iPhone are supported wirelessly, without the requirement of intrusive table cameras. Unlike some commonly used systems, the video components integrated into Shugoll's Insights Usability System are not presented "picture-in-picture". Observers are able to view the used screens unobstructed . A very high quality HD (1920x1080 @ 30fps) archive is also made available to observers within 48 hours of project completion. A proficient technician attends operation of the system.

Our research consultants offer a complete usability package including study design, moderation and data processing. Or let our nationwide field management team coordinate projects at other usability labs across the country.

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