Online Focus Groups and Interviews

We offer online focus groups in addition to our traditional, in office focus group and interview services. Utilizing the expert software of Itracks, we offer a team of qualified moderators who can design and conduct online focus groups to keep you on the cutting edge of research technology.

By combining online research with in person focus groups and interviews, you can break into the technology age and offer more comprehensive research results with limitless options. Online focus groups can capture the gut level reaction of your participants while simultaneous typing and responses help to eliminate the influencer effect. Using online research we can work with you to book, recruit and run your groups in a matter of days. Online focus groups will provide fast, top-level insight to your research questions and concepts from the DC Metro area. We use the same database respondents used for in office focus group and interview research, helping to ensure accurate and local project results. Sessions can be tailored to any methodology including breakout groups which can be divided from a larger online group for more intimate discussions.

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