Medical Marketing Research Recruiting

Did you know the DC metro area has one of the highest percentages of physicians per capita in the country? Moreover, Shugoll Research's Bethesda facility offers easy access to three major university medical centers. We are your DC medical research partner intimately acquainted with local pharmaceutical research regulations. We employ recruiting staff specially trained in recruiting medical personal and retain an in-house medical panel for marketing research projects.

Our consulting team has specialized knowledge and experience in helping health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms and medical device companies make critical business decisions in a highly competitive industry. We've provided critical analyses on the trends and issues that are significantly affecting profitability and the quality of customer care.

More on Medical Recruiting and Research with Shugoll:

If you are a medical professional interested in joining Shugoll's research panel you can find more information, including our privacy and honorarium policies at the research participant portal.