Brainstorming and Ideation

Shugoll Research has conducted numerous brainstorming and ideation sessions to explore consumer needs and identify areas for new product development or product line extensions. Idea writing, sensory sorts, wishful thinking exercises and the Delphi technique are some of the tools used in brainstorming sessions.

New product ideas that are raised in the ideation sessions and through trends analysis are then evaluated using quantitative research tools where interest in different product ideas is tested and demand for the new product concepts is estimated.

Prototypes of high potential new products are developed for testing in qualitative settings such as focus groups. Consumer benefits for each potential new product can be identified through the use of needs laddering, target market profiles can be suggested using fixed personality associations, and product usage behavior can be gauged using situational associations. New product quantitative studies include name testing, panel taste tests, in-home placements and pricing and packaging tests. Finally, Shugoll Research has developed a proprietary process, Product Opportunity Forecaster, to identify which new product and/or service concepts are most viable in the marketplace by modeling expected market share and revenue streams. These are used to confirm that the product will meet consumer expectations and achieve market acceptance.

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